We are a violin factory, repair and shop located in Romania.

Innovators in electric violins industry and striving at creating the best quality instruments on the market, we designed our instruments having in mind the most pretentious players who want to play an electric instrument which is at least as responsive as an accoustic one.

Top-of-the range electronics (double-piezo pick-up system and pre-amplifier) and surgical precision assembly are guaranteeing zero latency even when playing the most demanding parts. 

The tone is the most natural and truthful you will ever find on an electric violin, as acknowledged by every single violonist that tried our instruments.

Ergonomics have the same importance for us and we tailor each violin as per each customer's request - we know that comfort is key to every good violonist. 

MIDI feature? All our instruments have it, and is the most performant of them all, you just need to plug-in your Roland processor.

Price range? We leave it on you to find something with better value for money.